When Mahaprabhu stayed at Venkat Bhatt’s house, Venkat Bhatt washed the Lord’s feet and the whole family drank the water.

Venkat Bhatt’s son was named Gopal. The moment he drank Mahaprabhu’s charanamrit, sacred love appeared in him. Even though he tried, Gopal could not stay calm. His hair stood on end, and his body was shaking with joy.

Gopal was extremely beautiful. He looked like a beautiful golden champa flower. He had such a beautiful face, like a lotus blossom… such large eyes, arched eyebrows, graceful nose and bright tilak. How sweet were his ears, cheeks and neck! His arms and chest were strong and waist thin, legs and lotus feet lovely. He always wore beautiful clothes and jewelry.

Gopal’s beauty just increased from moment to moment. There was a powerful aura around him all the time, and whoever saw him was dumbstruck. Gopal served Mahaprabhu constantly, according to his father’s instructions.

Gopal loved to serve Mahaprabhu all the time. He was completely immersed in his seva. He didn’t want to do anything else. Gopal didn’t like to see Mahaprabhu as a sannyasi. When he was alone, he often cried. “Why did Fate make me born in such a faraway place?” He thought. “I never got to see my beloved Mahaprabhu in Nabadwip.”

“In Nabadwip he enjoyed life, with his beautiful curly hair and lovely dress, but now everything is opposite. His hair is shaved and he wears a monk’s robe. He has to face so much hardship as a sannyasi. How can I see him in pain?” Speaking thus, two big tears fell from Gopal Bhatt’s eyes.

Then he said, “O Fate, it is not your fault. I must have done something in my previous life to deserve this.”

Gopal never said anything to Mahaprabhu about his feelings, but Mahaprabhu knew his innermost heart. One night, “Mahaprabhu came in Gopal’s dream, looking just the way he used to look in Nabadwip. He looked like a dancer, with long curly hair and beautiful clothes.

Gopal filled with bliss to see his Beloved Mahaprabhu in that form. Then Nityananda and Advaita also came and hugged him. But as soon as he got their embrace, his dream broke and he woke up. Realising it was a dream, and remembering the reality, Gopal Bhatt ran crying to Mahaprabhu. He could not keep calm anymore.

But suddenly he saw it was Krishn himself standing in front of him. That cowherd-boy charm, that ravishing dress, that peacock feather, that melodious flute! Then suddenly the colour of his body changed from dark to golden. It was just like the form Gopal had seen in his dream. The same golden skin, gorgeous curls, jasmine garland, tilak of sandalwood paste and eyebrows like Kaamdev’s bow. And when Mahaprabhu smiled, it was like a rain of nectar washing over Gopal Bhatt’s soul.

Gopal was overwhelmed and fell at his feet. But when he looked up, he again saw Mahaprabhu as a sannyasi.

Mahaprabhu then began to teach Gopal the path to Eternal Vrindavan. Gopal listened closely to what Mahaprabhu said, and kept every word in his heart.

Mahaprabhu told him that later on, he must go to Vrindavan. There he would meet Shri Roop Goswami and Sanatan Goswami, and receive the priceless treasure of their association.

“Together you will reveal my heart’s desire to the world. And one day, this world will be filled with your disciples.”

Saying this, Mahaprabhu took Gopal Bhatta in his arms and bathed him with his loving tears. Gopal didn’t tell anyone what had happened, but he was full of joy inside.