Other Activities

Serving Vrindavan

We aim to revive the Glory of Braj culture by organizing tree planting initiatives, Assisting in Cleaning of Braj Dham and raising awareness at various levels through events and related organizations.

Vedic Rituals

We perform various Vedic rituals according to the most stringent Pancaratra standards, as set forth by Srila Gopal Bhatta Goswami. Common rituals are: Birthdays, House warming, Auspicious New business, Baby showers, Name giving ceremony, Babies First Haircut, Peace for forefathers, Prosperity, Health, etc…

Food For All

The distribution of sanctified plant based meals has been and will continue to be an essential part of India’s Vedic culture of hospitality from which our Food for All program was born. Since its inception, Food for All has tried to liberally distribute pure plant based meals (prasadam) throughout the world with the aim of creating peace and prosperity. By serving only plant-based meals, Food for All is practically demonstrating how world hunger can be tackled in the most cost efficient, environmentally-friendly and non-violent manner.