Don’t Mess With Vrindavan

The Sri Radharaman Seva Charitable Trust is a In-dian registered charity, based in Vrindavan. Over the years, we have helped to supply medicines and free medical treatment through weekly camps in far flung villages and to the neediest members of the local community of Vrindavan. We have also successfully established the after-noon school, the Scholarship and the activities programs to aid the local children in Vrindavan to access education and extra curricular activities.

As a charity, we rely on donations and fundraising from individuals and groups across the country and abroad.

Our Current Objective: “Don’t MESS with Vrindavan”

We aim to install a garbage disposal and street cleaning system in Vrindavan. Through this pro-ject we aim to sustain the true beauty of Vrindavan.

The Costs

It costs just £18.50 for a bin to be placed in one of the busiest streets of Vrindavan. £62 a month, employs a local resident to clean the street and maintain the bin area. £2,500 buys a tractor for refuse collection and £22 a month enables disinfectant to be sprayed on the streets to prevent the spread of bacteria.

For Businesses

If you are a local or international business, in return for your generous donations, you have the opportunity to advertise on any of the bins or the refuse collection tractor. These arrangements can be discussed with the Sri Radharaman Seva representative at the time of donation or by contacting us on the num-ber or email address overleaf.

Keeping in Touch

We aim to keep you updated with all the latest advancements with the Don’t Mess with Vrindavan Project via a monthly newsletter. Please remember to provide us with your contact details so we can keep in touch with you!

How you can help

Please use the donation form to make a direct financial contribution, either as a one off payment or as a standing order. Thank you for taking the time to read this leaflet. We urge you to help us to help Vrindavan!

For More information please download our flyer.